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Southern Queenz Cancer Organization


We are a small black non profit organization, trying to make a difference in my community and surrounding communities. We believe that all cancers are important, and that the only way we will make a difference is that everybody gets involve. We are asking that you look beyond  how small we are and  give us a chance to show you what we are capable of doing. Donating not only gives you a chance to help others, it also give you the gratification of making a huge difference in someone's life,  and the satisfaction of giving back to the community, What can be more satisfying than giving back and making small contributions, one organization at a time?

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What Can or Can't Cancer Do?

  • Cancer can tear apart a family, by making sure our loved ones will be in constant pain and fear. 

  • What Cancer can't do is take away your strength and courage to fight.

  • What Cancer can't do is take away you will to live and fight for your dignity.

  • What Cancer can't do is stop you from pushing forward and believing that God is Always In Control.

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Who Would Have Ever Thought, ME???


  •    Riding to the doctor, remembering his words ma’am/sir we need to talk.

  •       Who would have ever thought?   

  •       Listening to the words I found a spot on your lungs, breast, in your                        stomach,  brain, nose, and colon.

  •       Who would have ever thought??

  •       Now we are making a treatment plan, we could do this, we could do that.

  •       All the time you are thinking, why me?

  •       As you sit and listen to the words, not understanding, not really paying               attention,  as he or she talks to about your decisions.

  •      You are staring at him/her you hear the words coming out of your doctor’s        mouth, but you are numb.

  •      Again, the words are there, why me?

  •      Are you ready, for the ride of your life?

  •      Well, this is what CANCER does, hit you when you least expect it.



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 Cancer affects everyone, regardless of age, race, or wealth. It does not discriminate and it does not care how much wealth, prestige, or   anything you have. However, what it does care   about is attacking you and tearing you and your family apart no matter what it takes. You will never realize how strong you are, until strong is all you have left. 

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Contact Southern Queenz Cancer Organization

Vanessa Ragas, Founder/CEO

32088 Highway 11 

Buras, La. 70041


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